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It just does not connect. If you dont't believe me check out the two links above. The iTools 4 version above in the link is an original Chinese version. It's possible to make an English Version of iTools 4? A new Chinese version of iTools 4 is available to download. Need more infos about your PC and mobile device. Windows 7 or Windows 8. A brand new Chinese version of iTools 4 is available to download.

I cant understand chinese so please help with english version. Here is what to do if iTools won't connect to your iPhone: Delete the folder c: Delete the Folder c: Install iTools again and let it update.

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I will be waiting for your new articles. Friday, November 4, iTools English version 3. Harry December 8, at 6: Todd Moeller April 24, at 4: Farin Ellen April 24, at 4: Jack Smith April 24, at 4: Petra Loreen April 24, at 4: William Jakcon April 24, at 4: Jeremiah Johnson April 24, at 4: Unknown April 24, at 4: Fayme Bazin April 24, at 5: Justin Bolden April 24, at 5: Mark Koler April 24, at 5: John Ms April 24, at 5: Anne Parker April 24, at 5: Ella Lener April 24, at 5: Unknown November 7, at 4: Gagan Bajwa November 20, at 3: Anonymous November 25, at 1: Mike Roncel Mallo November 26, at 2: Anonymous November 26, at 2: Anonymous November 26, at 3: Unknown November 26, at 2: Anonymous November 27, at 9: Sophandy Hin December 5, at 5: Bayode Ogundeji December 6, at 9: Anonymous December 7, at 9: Richard Carroll December 8, at 1: ISX December 8, at Gerd December 16, at 4: Karthika Shree June 16, at 5: Deepika Analy September 17, at Bee Yes October 5, at 2: Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Update tab of the top of iTools windows shows notifications which require updates. You can Add media files to your iPhone or download them to PC. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. A brand new Chinese version of iTools 4 is available to download. Your email address will not be published. Mark Koler April 24, at 5: Not only dealing with the overall management of the iDevice, iTunes offers you a set of additional tools like Battery Master, Air Player, Ringtone maker, File manager etc. You can also download Omnisphere 2. The main objective of writing this post is just to give you all a better clarification regarding the upcoming iTools iOS

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Harry December 8, at 6: Our tool is reliable and will do exactly what you expect and more. From that, you can put your own audio track, voice clip or anything easily as your ringtone just like choosing from the originals. So with the updated iTools Download iOS So any bit device can now download So if you are currently on the latest iOS Advanced Installer Full Version allows developers to simply build reliable installer packages that support the newest Microsoft operative systems, and therefore the preferred code packages like the workplace, etc. Skip to content Post Views: So start upgrading, backing up, restore, desktop management, file handling and everything in a new trend of iTools 4.

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Download and install Advanced Installer Launch and apply the patch as administrator. As the latest update to iTools, version 4 brings most developed features and function to iPhone, iPad and iPod users. There is a heap of features behind its key accountabilities. Desktop manager Drag and arrange icons through iTools. Notify me of new posts by email. Helps you to put in, uninstall and build the total backup of your apps and every one the vital files you would like to copy. It will support you in varies ways even to check whether iOS So would you go on upgrading your iDevice to iOS Also, copy the Configs folder in the Crack folder to C: The latest version of iTools offered to the audience as version 4.

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