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So I have a working patch system using the Mac's terminal with the following commands I'm adding this because I have seen a lot of similar questions around:.

However now for my question. I want to do the same type of thing on Windows. I haven't been able to figure this one out. I tried using UnixUtils and it just breaks my files Not a Valid windows application.

I also looked at WinMerge but haven't figured out how it works. Is there anything that I can do to make a patch file that people could download and apply? Any help on this one would be great. I am looking for something pretty simple that I can manage. I would like to figure out any information on this subject.

I am already aware of the Crafty system and Hegza Patcher. This still has a few bugs but you can start looking into this system as well. This is a repo of many scripts that I have been working on an planning to release to the public. Far from complete but part of this collection is a Patching System not done:. I have put this aside for now, but if there is still interest I will start working on this again. I would look into C libraries for handling textual differences like google-diff-match-patch or diffplex to write something built into your game for handling the patch files you distribute.

I doubt that you really want your users to have to go to their terminal or other application to manually patch your game files. Thanks for the reply. I haven't heard of any of these so I will definite have a look at these. Also I have an xcode application that I made that does the patching for me on the mac. While it is executing terminal commands it isn't visible to the user.

I will be doing something similar, I hope, with some of these links you provided. I will read up on these to get a better idea what is available out there. I still haven't found anything that can really do the job here. Is it possible to use Patch for Windows? The binary download comes with a bunch of folders but patch.

Could just throw it into StreamingAssets and run it from there on Windows, and it would be nice to have the same workflow on Mac and Windows. I honestly have no idea how good it is. Maybe it will help me get started as well. I really am interested in Patch for Windows though that sounds interesting. Alright Folks I have done it!

I have made a patch system that will work for me. This goes way beyond just making a patch file. You are more than welcome to use my code. I store all of my raw files on Google Drive 15GB free file hosting. This will essentially work with any server or file hosting out there.

Any spaces are considered invalid in file names for url usage. So I had to format the text that I read from files to make sure it met valid character criteria. You can't edit files that are currently open, that's a security measure on all operating systems. So I had to create a separate patching system. First off, right when the user opens my game I have it look in my Google Drive for a text file called "version. This simply has the version in it like "1.

I connect to my google drive, read the file, remove all white spaces, change it to a number, and finally check to make sure that number is greater than the current version number of the game running. It does this extremely quickly normally less than a second but I added wait times for visuals. To make a file on google drive downloadable for everyone you have to make it public, there is a lot of info about how to do this online -- very easy. Second you have to make a link out of the file like the following:.

Simply copy and paste the link into a browser to make sure it worked It should start to immediately download. Next, if it recognizes that version. If they accept to download it then I will close their game and open the patcher system. The patcher system is much more complicated and is where all the magic takes place.

It opens and reads a file called "patch. This is where my code could be improved but what I did wasn't code it at all. I downloaded a free program for windows called "WinMerge". In Winmerge you can compair two folders and it will tell you everything that is different between the two folders. I simply copied that list of file names it produced into the patch. On a Mac there is a "diff" command that you can run and make it spit out to a text file.

Now if a user gets very behind on patches I don't want to have to make them download the same file over and over to work through the patches to be up to date. So I made it so it will work by downloading all the files for all patches up to the current one, all at once ;. So what it does is if you are on v0. I makes sure that you don't download level2 or level3 twice. With the files downloaded it will find the data folder of my game, called "The Dark Tower", and replace the files there with the new ones.

It does this relatively so the patcher and "The Dark Tower" game can be anywhere on the computer and it will work. However, the patcher and the dark tower game need to be in the same folder in order for it to work. It's not sophisticated enough to scan your computer for the. Also this needs to work on both Mac and Windows and they have a different folder structure. I have taken care of that as well, The Windows is fully tested and working but the Mac version isn't.

With that extensive explanation here is the code to check if there is an update The Dark Tower Game. This patcher doesn't account for a "man in the middle" attack. Even though it says " https: Unity doesn't care about security like that. So you will have to do some research on certificates and authentication to protect your users against these kinds of attacks.

However, for me it is fine since these downloads will more than likely not be on public networks and will be done over home networks that a much more secure hopefully. Also this isn't a huge game just something between my friends so it's not going to be a problem.

Granted those systems on the Unity Asset store are going to be much more robust than what I have got here but with a little more coding I think people can make it as strong as they would like.

I have since made edits to my main game not the patcher that will check the version. I would probably suggest to edit the code to do the same Do you know of a way to fix that because I can't find it anywhere. I tried your link and It pulled the data but mine isn't working and I'm using google drive like you. Just noticed this comment. Does the file have HTML code in it? If so the code is simply pulling down all of the text and not caring about tags such as those.

So just put a number in that document or parse the text for HTML tags on your client side to display it correctly. There might be a better way to pull down a file if you want to display HTML code vs plain text.

The problem about using " http: I guess I never tested it while I was not logged in. That's a great point to bring up. You don't need to use google drive though any repository will do. Just the above example uses the URL from google. Simply replace that with whatever repository you would like to use.

I had this bookmarked for a long time, but when I finally implemented it in Unity5. Failed to load PlayerSettings internal index 0. Most likely data file is corrupted, or built with mismatching editor and platform support versions. Looking at all the previous comments, this did once work. Unless I've done something wrong in creating the list of changed files, it seems that there is some kind off ID system now regarding all the files in a build.

Searching the above error led me to a couple of steam forums, most noticeably for Kerbal Space Program. IIRC Steam uses a type of version control like this patch method. This question came up in the forums, so I have cross-linked this post in the hope that the community can work to evolve and resolve this system for everybody.

Once again, thank you so much wesleywh for putting in the time and effort in this answer. Well thank you I appreciate that.

unity patch version

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Other Versions Cannot access other versions offline! Updated documentation based on user feedback and minor bugs found Choose the appropriate installer following the links shown below. You've told us this page needs code samples. Open is called, no need to manually set active to true. If you are a moderator, see our Moderator Guidelines page. Graham-Dunnett , Jul 25, The default fullscreen mode no longer changes the desktop resolution, so things like IME text input work.

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For teams and freelancers Pro Best value. Added ability to select whether deleting a 2D collider or rigidbody during a collision callback stops remaining callbacks or not. Fixed an issue which caused rendering from scripts not to work the same frame that back button was pressed on certain devices. Because I am an idiot, I forgot to post that we'd shipped 4. You've told us there are code samples on this page which don't work. Fixed an issue whereby text went out of the TextArea in custom editor when return was pressed or multi-line text was pasted. Large memory-samples in profiler now work. We are moving patch releases to the unity3d.

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unity patch version

Next, if it recognizes that version. Please tell us more about what's wrong: Contact us Learn more. Is there anything that I can do to make a patch file that people could download and apply? Fixed app home directory that now points to the permitted path of Documents. This issue has been fixed. MikeHergaarden and im like this. It works like a charm. If you'd like to help us further, you could provide a code sample, or tell us about what kind of code sample you'd like to see: If you'd like to help us further, you could provide a code sample, or tell us about what kind of code sample you'd like to see:. Made non-readable meshes to take less memory. The swatches in the Color Picker tool are now gamma corrected when using linear colour space Terrain:

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